Time Traveler Skips Town!

NEW YORK — Self-proclaimed time traveler Andrew Carlssin — the enigmatic Wall Street whiz jailed on insider-trading charges — has vanished without a trace!
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The mystery man, who claimed to be a visitor from the year 2256, jumped bail before a scheduled court hearing on April 3 and hasn’t been seen since, officials say, despite an intense manhunt by federal lawmen. “It’s like he disappeared off the face of the Earth,” declares a law-enforcement source. “No one can find him. Some people are speculating that he might really have hopped in his time machine and escaped ‘back to the future.'” Authorities can’t talk on the record about the case due to a judicial gag order and details about the ongoing, hush-hush criminal investigation are hard to come by. However, in this week’s (4/29/03) “NewsstandNewsstand Issue” we are hot on the trail of the details of the case, from the benefactor who bailed him out, to his predictions which were used to prove he was from the future.

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  1. john ellerd says:

    there is no mention of a time traveler skipping town in the archives of the new york papers. Where is the evidence?

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