Monthly Archives: October 2003

Seeing Double

Astronomers Amazed at Two Huge Sunspots

It was a very cold morning today, there was low fog and mist lying on the canals, the buildings in the disyance were just dark shadows and I could look directly at the sun. For about 20 minutes while I was cycling I stared at 2 spots on the sun, firstly wondering if I was getting old and needing glasses, then realised that these must be sunspots. I havn’t seen them before (and to be honest, I didn’t think they would be visible with the naked eye)
heres my effort.. if you click to look at the full sized version, you can just make out a couple of spots:

I took some photies (in the gallery now)
But woo yay for cold misty mornings!
more here from space dot com
Huge Sunspots Fuel More Space Storms
Real-Time Solar Wind Data

Poker getting more popular

I play poker at home.. I got some pokerchips from the U.S and we have a monthly tournament (low stakes) cause we’re all friends and we don’t wanna fall out.
So now it seems that after Chris Moneymakers big win, all the online poker rooms are filling up and poker is said to be making a comeback.
If you want to learn the rules, have a look at my Quick guide to Texas Hold ’em
Then you can go play the boards for play money at Ultimate bet dot com