Monthly Archives: December 2003


Well as you probably have noticed my site seems to have been having a vacation of it’s own in recent days, but I have been assured that ‘all seems to be well now’, so Huzzah!.. and menee apple ogies for de innn con wee neyans!

Last Nights Nike Party

What a great evening..We got invites to the staff party held at the passenger Terminal, Amsterdam.
Passenger Terminal Amsterdam
We had The James Taylor Quartet playing a 45 minute set while we drank champagne and helped ourselves to gourmet borrel hapjes (hot savories), 3 degrees tribute band thing played us lots of motown n funk.. well thats where the champagne kicked in and we started battle dancing with the podium dancers.. cause, ya know.. they ain’t all that!..anyway, got far too drunk, but managed to make it home for 3am
Got a chance to meet up with friend Wayne, and gave him the CD..YAY
Oh and we got an invite to Barbaras Birthday bash at the supperclub next saturday (i’ll be officially on holiday then..HOOPLA!)
Well gotta do my work do next week.. BOY….THAT’LL BE VERY DIFFERENT!

One for the old man!

Worlds 1st GIGAPIXEL image?
It consists of 196 separate photographs taken with a 6 megapixel digital camera, and then stitched together into one seamless composite. The final image is 40,784 x 26,800 pixels in size, and contains about 1.09 billion pixels…a little more than one gigapixel.
How was it created?.. readmore
you can also have the worlds most difficult game of where’s Wally?