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Mucho Grande Mojitos

The mojitos at the Tokyo Trader Vic’s come in a ~8″ tall block of ice, bored out to make room for the drink, served with a fat-ass novelty straw (that’s a dinner-plate, shown for scale). 20,000 Yen!
I love Mojitos, god knows where this bar is.. but it sure looks like a damn fine serving suggestion!

Windows source code leak …. the juicy bits

Some insight into Microsoft’s famous daily build process is given in:
* The magnitude of this hack compares favorably with that of the national debt.
more here

visibly better accessibility for your website

This is how would look if you had Deuteranope colour blindness. I wasn’t too suprised, but this site is fairly colour free i guess… anywho, Vischeck is a visual guide to colour blindness, with simulator and instructions and application to correct images.
Certainly an interesting and educational visit nonetheless.
A must if you run a charity or access site. (see also WIA – Web Accessibility Initiative)

Subliminal TV messages

Japanese broadcaster Nippon Television Network Corp. (NTV) has been accused of inserting a subliminal image in one of its late-night television programs on a regular basis.
The program, “Manee no Tora” (Money Tiger), featured a split-second image of Yukichi Fukuzawa from Japan’s 10,000-yen note as the program switched from its opening theme to the beginning of the program. NTV officials said the image lasted 0.2 seconds, covering six frames out of 30, a length difficult for most viewers to see.
Also, in an NTV-affiliated broadcast in December 1989, a subliminal image of AUM Shinrikyo cult guru Shoko Asahara was inserted into a cartoon that had nothing to do with him. Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) also inserted a face shot of Asahara into a broadcast special in May 1995, inciting criticism from society.
subliminal messages

Looking for houses

So the big hunt for a home has started, essesntially we’re looking for something recently renovated (full price) or a complete mess that we can do up as we please. I like the idea of the latter idea.. but it could be more hassle than it’s actually worth.
Garden preferably rear
Moderate sized bathroom (preferably with bath)
Double glazing
Central Heating
City location
The big plan is to move in for 5 to 10 years, then rent it out. If you didn’t know renting a property o over here in NL is waaay expensive. So there’s some good cold hard cash to be earned if we play our cards right.
Looking for a house is a daily chore, seeing what’s new checking to see what you’ve missed, translating.
I use the following websites to help me: to search houses
WorldLingo to tramslate.
MSN Maps incase the one at funda isn’t clear enough.
Any other links to buying houses in the Netherlands would be great, but we got until the end of May to get out of our nice but rented hole.
We have already found a few houses we like.. but there were too many ‘buts’.. and you don’t need ‘buts’ when your buying a house.. well maybe you do.. but this is my first go at this house buying malarky so wish me/us luck!