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Dutch Dog Dunny

Dutch dog owners can soon throw away their pooper-scoopers and plastic bags and instead walk their furry creatures to their very own toilet.
The developer of a new “doggy toilet,” a small fenced-in patch of artificial grass, hopes the self-cleaning device will help rid towns of the mess left behind by man’s best friend.
doggy dunny
The first toilet is being tested in Zaltbommel, a small town in central Netherlands, but the developer has already been approached by government officials from as far away as London.
rolling grass
“This is only a pilot program, but we hope to roll out 200 to 300 of these toilets in one year,” Hans van de Pos, who has patented the device.

Kraftwerk Amsterdam

Monday March 29th 2004 night at the Heineken Music hall in Amsterdam, I went to see the legendary Kraftwerk, I felt like breakdancin’ as they played all the 70s & 80s classics.

Pure brilliance, listening to Tour de France and Autobahn etc etc.
photies here

Worlds biggest slush puppy?

The finished product of Chilean-born Danish artist Marco Evaristti’s ‘Ice Cube Project’ is seen in Ilullissat, Greenland.
red ice
Evaristti used 3,000 liters (780 gallons) of dye, three fire hoses, two icebreakers and a 20-man crew to spray the chunk of ice for his artwork.

Kids TV tells the truth

Watching Kids TV on a Saturday morning is part of a healthy working week, at the moment we get BBC1 ‘Dick n Dom in da bungalo’. It has some great sketches like the game ‘bogies’ where presenters compete to shout the word ‘B O G E Y’ as loud as they can in a public place. Blah blah blah…so today on the show presenter Dom is spouting a rather fine T-Shirt >>>

Optimus Prime gets new job

A Japanese company unveiled a 3.5-metre (11.55-foot) tall robot that can forage its way through a heap of debris as a trailblazer for rescue workers following a disaster such as an earthquake.
shoveling debris is new talent for Optimus Prime
The other transformers say they are happy to be of such good use to earthlings, although Megatron (leader of the decepticons) was yesterday said to be planning takeover talks with ‘the swarm’, adding fuel to the non-sentient fire.

MT News

wooooooo MT3.0 is coming soon.. go check out the page (if blogging your gaff) to read the news, however also as interesting is the new application TypeKey, ensuring that “people who comment on a site have a verified identity, keeping conversations on track and helping to prevent abusive or offensive content (comment spam) from being posted.”
Is this just another username and password to remember?… I know I’d certainly welcome a spam free site.. having to login and edit or delete unwanted advertising is becoming tedious.
the power behind the blog

Palestinians gather to see a

Palestinians gather to see a lamb born with what looked like ‘Allah’ spelled out in Arabic on its coat in the West Bank city of Hebron.
Larry grabbing a quick drink from mum, yesterday
The lamb said it was quite enjoying the limelight and is not at all ‘Allah’med by all the media publicity .

Virgin stops watersports

Virgin Atlantic Airways on Friday scrapped plans to install bright-red urinals shaped like women’s open lips at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, saying it had received complaints they were offensive.
open wide please
“I don’t know many men who think it’s cool to pee in a woman’s mouth, even a porcelain one,” said NOW President Kim Gandy on the group’s Web site.
The urinal, designed by a Dutch company, was the idea of a female designer. Riordan said Virgin was surprised by the negative reaction to the plan, part of designs for the lounge, built to pamper first-class customers.

He’s not the messiah…

…he’s a very naughty boy!
Brian, yesterday after being naughty
Monty Python re-release the Life of Brian.
The 1979 movie about Brian of Nazareth, who is mistaken for the Messiah, will make a return to the big screen in America at the end of April in Los Angeles and New York.
Life of Brian producer John Goldstone said “A lot of people in America have said that they couldn’t figure out a way to deal with the public reaction to Mel’s movie.
“This is a kind of antidote to Mel.”