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TigerstripeMhi SikhDesert Hex
Futura SplinterBonzai ForestBonzai Step
©2004 Maharishi Hardy Blechman Ltd
Camo lovers, go nuts! The first series of maharishi x Kubrick DPM identifiers from UK clothing label, Maharishi. 6 different camouflage variants, each of which comes with an identifying card explaining the design history of each camouflage. Camouflage designs include Bonsai Forest DPM, Desert Hex DPM, maharishi x Futura Splinter DPM, mhi Sikh DPM, Bonsai Step DPM and maharishi Tigerstripe DPM. Each kubrick can stand on their heads like Hardy himself!
DPM Maharishi
My personal favorites are the Desert Hex & Futura Splinter (of course)!
Check this out this book…DPM – Disruptive Pattern Material: An Encyclopedia of Camouflage in Nature, Military and Culture also in the DPM collection.
hi-ho, hi-ho

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