Case Study Report on Graffiti

Long interesting article about ‘The Utrecht graffiti study‘.
Research on the extent of spray-painted graffiti in the city of Utrecht revealed that the area covered was about 9,500 square metres in 1996. It would be extremely costly to remove. The cost of a one-off clean-up of the inner city, where an area of 2,288 square metres was covered in graffiti, was estimated at NLG 1,675,000.
sunset city WOOD on the Hall of Fame
The ‘Hall of Fame’ – The aim of this preventive approach was to prevent illegal graffiti by offering a location where young people would be allowed to spray paint.
It was developed with the active involvement of local writers, especially one highly regarded within the local graffiti subculture;
the size of the wall was much larger, providing a potential canvas of 500 square metres.

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