9 thoughts on “Utrecht Graffiti

  1. graffiti says:

    It looks like a stencil, graffiti is when you are using cans !!!

  2. graffiti says:

    it looks like a stencil. Graffiti is when you are using cans !! Remember it for the next time !
    Peace !

  3. mrmule says:

    i think graffiti can be spray cans, stickies, fat pens… does a diamond ring on glass count?.. i think so… remember that!

  4. goshdarnitearl says:

    Now, post graffiti is STILL graffiti. Great graffiti, or areosol artist are activists as well….this is more of a moulin rouge stencil, but as long as the artist “paints the picture” for an ideal such as, true, love, war, peace, and in this particular piece “redemption…” Theres no debate whether this is graffiti or not…it IS graffiti. Remember how to classify and define graffiti.

  5. mrmule says:

    … and never be afraid of it!
    I think this piece has since been removed..

  6. LEVO75 says:

    i have seen this before
    he must live in the netherlands,Utrecht,Utrecht,Lombok! whahahahaha

  7. mrmule says:

    I think its AMOK 030303
    I saw him do some stencil art in Utrecht center, looked very similar.

  8. Sarah says:

    Whoa this beautiful.

  9. Sarah says:

    *this is beautiful.

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