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Lego men update

*UPDATE* From my last post:
Lego men build PC
Apparently the lego men have formed a union, this from: (sgd.) Commissioner GOwin, Lego Workplace Safety Division.
It has come to our attention that you have been employing Lego workers in sub-standard, and un-safe working conditions. We have been referred to your website: by kind-hearted souls who have seen the deplorable state of your computer-assembly factory.
The rest of this dreadful report here

31 mistakes and counting

Movie mistakes dot com has a list of (now) 31 mistakes from the Spiderman 2 film in sections like: Factual error, Plot hole and Continuity.
On the way to the theater Peter intercepts a police officer chasing a couple of criminals. At the end of that scene one of the police cars has a tremendous wreck that swings the car sideways. There is a clear shot of the driver with a black helmet on.
Another thing that i looked up while I was there was how Ripley survives the airlock opening in Aliens, According to my beliefs, she would have had no chance of surviving the hatch opening with the mother dangling from her leg, surely…. here’s what moviemastakes says:
Ripley leaving the hatch
At the end, when Ripley has her arm slung through that rung in the airlock and the queen alien is hanging from her foot AND the decompression that has everything in the cargo hold whipping by her head…she only loses a shoe as the queen is swept into space? By all rights, shouldn’t only her arm be left dangling there?
And here from e film critic
Aliens: Ripley blows the Queen out of the airlock.
(This scene is by far one of the most unrealistic things I have ever seen! That Ripley must be pretty strong to hold onto a ladder with a Queen hanging onto her foot and with tons of air pressure sucking out the oxygen!)

graffiti book writer arrested

Photographer Peter Sutherland has endeavoured to put faces to those mysterious men and women who wander the Big Apple’s five boroughs spraying words like CINIK, DSENSE, EARSNOT and MERZ on whatever surfaces they can reach.
“The people that I chose to photograph are mainly people who do what’s called bombing: illegal painting,” Sutherland explains. “It’s such an anonymous art form … I was motivated to track them down.”
Eventually, however, curiosity got the better of him, and he decided to go out on a bombing run with a couple of taggers. He picked the wrong day to do it. “A passing pedestrian told a cop, and we all got arrested,” Sutherland recalls. “I spent the night in Central Booking in Brooklyn.”

Sticki sites

After getting a shed load of amazing stickis from stick-it I thought I’d share with you some of the weblinks associated with the artists.
sleepyvalley Scotland UK
i threw up USA
Arrrgh! ?
MissVan FRA
Ban Comic Sans USA
mdefeo USA
eko FRA
beefree USA
wood NL
ckoe NL
warp records bleep UK (not grafitti)
Just a couple of pics.. too many to snap them all!
miss van
i threw up & sleepyvalley
and other names I can’t find anything on the web for:
Jetpac – York UK
Lastplak – NL
Smetvrees – NL
BA Team – NL
Feak – DK
Mudwig – UK
Dcent – NL
G – Paris FRA
Above – NL
Allstars Shop – Barcelona ESP
Does – BRA
Popmarta – PTG
Rokoko – SWE