Monthly Archives: September 2004

Senseo Heineken

**NEW** from Philips comes this super new Heineken/Senseo.
“Will you have in one minute a great tasty beer? With the beer pads from Heineken and the Senseo Beer apparatus from Phllips it is possible. Apparatus and beer are completely compatible. Whereby every Heineken beer has a full, round flavour”
clicky biggy
clicky biggy
*note* Senseo/Philips make Senseo coffee pads and machines.. here
Link – how to make your own coffeepads
but i really don’t think you can beat a good espresso machine

Morning Wood T-shirt

This from Anonova
and BBC News
A BBC children’s presenter has been reprimanded for wearing a T-shirt that contained a risque slogan.
Dominic Wood was rapped for wearing a “Morning Wood” T-shirt on his Dick and Dom in da Bungalow show.
The 26-year-old wore the T-shirt earlier this year on the two-hour Saturday programme aimed at eight to 12-year-olds.
The phrase is common slang for waking in the morning in an aroused state, says The Sun.
As a result of the incident, all presenters of live BBC kids’ shows will have their clothing vetted.
A viewer complained to Ofcom that the message was “an offensive sexual slogan, completely inappropriate for a children’s programme”.
In its defence, the BBC said: “The innuendo was aimed at people outside the show’s core audience. Children of that age could not be expected to recognise the joke.
“But the executive in charge was extremely concerned and has made her displeasure clear in the strongest terms.”
Ofcom said the matter was now resolved and added: “The logo was inappropriate but for its core audience the double entendre was likely to be lost.”


Fake Qee

I thnk the major differences here are:
A: The blue ear joint to the head is narrow.

B: The original has a curved ‘pelvis’ the fake is sharp/almost has a corner
C: The fake has a larger gap at the hand join and the sleeve is flared out more
D: The arm/hand of the fake is longer

I can’t see much difference in the left ear, body or the legs though.
Also I guess this is just for the Cat model, cause my Dog has completely different arms?!.. go figure?!?!