Senseo Heineken

**NEW** from Philips comes this super new Heineken/Senseo.
“Will you have in one minute a great tasty beer? With the beer pads from Heineken and the Senseo Beer apparatus from Phllips it is possible. Apparatus and beer are completely compatible. Whereby every Heineken beer has a full, round flavour”
clicky biggy
clicky biggy
*note* Senseo/Philips make Senseo coffee pads and machines.. here
Link – how to make your own coffeepads
but i really don’t think you can beat a good espresso machine

One thought on “Senseo Heineken

  1. Tikky says:

    Heineken & Senseo: that combination deserve each other. They have both a cheap taste and trying to be exclusive with a expencive price.

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