Boobies Beyond Suspicions

Big shout to MSX who I met last night.
Interestingly enough, we (Peal & I) had just done a tour of Utrechts free art galleries, namely the subways, and come across some great fresh sprayups… this one seemed to stick in our minds for some reason or another (NSFW?).
The MSX_ONE website has some really great work on show. Some of it is that comic book Lichtenstein style… the rest… well, I love it all and I’d really love a canvas!
My young nephews particularly liked her stickers… “LOOK, boobies!!!” .. LOL!

2 thoughts on “Boobies Beyond Suspicions

  1. vetchzoe says:

    dat is ova shit

  2. joe kendall says:

    lovin the boobies sight, even made mention of us two, the BOOBIES part just sticks out in the menu!
    lovin, missin and cantwaitin4theweddinin

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