Firstly I have to apologise for not blogging much over the past 4/5 weeks. My head has been in turmoil since I received the news that I have Kidney Stones and to make make it worse I have a Bladder Diverticulum with is blocking the tube from my kidney.
About 4 weeks ago I checked myself into the emergency clinic at the hospital, with pains in my right side. After a urine test, blood test and x-ray they said I have 7-8 stones in my left kidney.. so why the pain in the right?
I then had ultra-sound and a CAT scan which revealed the an abnormality in my bladder.
I was asked to come into the hospital again the next day to see the consultant. Well I thought it was going to be a pleasant chat, ooh no, far from a chat I was asked to remove my clothing and get up on the stirrup.. CRIKEY!.. Now when he said he wanted to look at my bladder, I didn’t expect him to be looking from the inside!.. so up went the lube, and up went the camera for the Ureteroscopy.. my eyebrows must have been at the back my neck I tell you!
So the consultant says that I’m not relaxed enough (I wonder why?!) and they’re going to have to put me under and have a proper look.. and while they’re doing that they’ll probably put in a Stent.
So into the hospital I go and a day later I’m in serious pain after having the said ‘stent’ put in.
It has been 2 weeks of pure pain.. The best way to describe it is having a sumo wrestler squeezing your kidneys constantly. i have to go for a whizz hourly so my bladder doesn’t fill up and backwashes into my kidney..f**k is that painful.. you can hear me cursing in the bathroom!
So last week I go back to see the consultant and he’s asking how/where is the pain.. I tell him its really just the stent that hurts now. So he says he can take it out now, my eyebrows disappear again, he smiles and suggests I come back in a couple of days and take some Diazipam before I see him.
The idea is that they are now going to do a renogram to see if the tubes from my kidneys are blocked.
If the tubes are clear then they can blast the stones with ultra-sound and I can whizz them out, if my tubes are blocked then they have to do some ‘orrible surgery on my bladder/tubes.
So here’s to clear tubes.. I’m off to take another pill and try not to think about tomorrows appointment with Dr. Geiger and his long rubber camera.

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