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Prior Art

Design #1834684504
It’s a pager that plugs into the mains, records everything you say and loves you as a person.
The Surrealist dot org says this about priorart.cgi:
It’s a series of randomly-generated product ideas! It raises questions about the nature of prior art in patenting issues, has some inspiring ideas, and is occasionally amusing!
Design #833092683
It’s a wireless network device that makes popcorn, makes money fast and plays Nethack.

In pictures: Face of addiction

Police in London are trying a new shock tactic in the war on drugs. Images showing the decline of addicts will be shown on posters, bar mats and flyers. This first image shows Roseanne Holland at the age of 29 before her heroin habit took hold.

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wait till you see the other 5!!!!… Great advert, shame about the wasted life, although maybe her tragedy can help others not to dabble in H.