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UAF supporters arrested at weekend

This came in the post from friends in Bridlington, UK (both pictured). I also have family living in Brid, so although I wouldn’t normally comment about such extreem issues here on, I feel that this is too close to home.
Mr Samms and Mr Meulen
“The two guys pictured above Mr Samms and Mr Meulen took great delight the previous Saturday in threatening to cut the throats of the BNP paper sellers – some of them retired women. These brave lads then proceeded to scream racial abuse at passers by, claiming they were doing so, “to educate people, and to illustrate what the BNP really stands for.”
Both were arrested for ‘making racial comments and intimidating people in the streets’ after police arrived following a complaint from a local shopper. Both were later released without charge. “

I won’t link to the disgusting website that reported the article.. but.. nice one Mr Samms and Mr Meulen!
Please do not let Bridlington turn into a racist community, do not support the BNP, challenge their ethics, but most of all tell them they are not welcome anywhere in any civilised community.
Please Please Please read this BBC Panorama news special and the Going undercover in the BNP both about the BNP and it’s far right attitudes

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OOO I love kicking off a new category!
So TOYS!?!?
“WTF mule boy, you’re 31 (nearly 32) and you collect little plastic lego men and ‘bears’ !!??? i mean what’s going on??”
This is from “
Kubrick figures are about 2.5″- 3″ tall. There are three kinds: LIMITED, REGULAR (aka Hikimono), and SET. “Limited” Kubrick Figures are found in special promotions, toy conventions, through mail-order, etc. Basically hard to find! Regular “Hikimono” Kubrick figures come individually boxed with 24 figures in a case. Their identity is unknown and what you get is a surprise. On top of this, the figures in each series have a ratio of commonality. Some figures are found 1 in every 196 boxes! YIKES! Needless to say, the rare figures go for a ton on Ebay. Some Hikimono Kubricks, like Maharishi DPM Identifiers are not assorted. “Set” Kubrick Figures come in a box set and are sold as an entire unit, such as [email protected] World Wide Tour. (but evrything has a price on Ebay)
kubrick logo
Medicom Toys is one of the most unique toy companies in the world. Not only producing for mass market appeal, Medicom reaches out to designers, indy creators, and …basically the small guys. Because of this, they produce some of the finest toys.
medicom toy logo
Medicom Toys Japan took their Kubrick, added a big belly and bear head, and voila! – the [email protected] was born! Artists (such as STASH, FUTURA, KAWS, PUSHEAD) and licenses (such as Kill Bill, Universal Monsters, Hello Kitty) have used the [email protected] as canvas to create innovative designs, making [email protected] the first of platform toys to be born.
This was my first Qee, It was designed by Dutch graffiti artist EWOS (limted 500 pieces)
ewos qee
Qees also are designed by artists, in limited runs and in blind boxes.
Characters include a cat, dog, monkey, bear, egg, Toyer & wolf
They created the Qee Keychain Collection, Knuckle Bear, Rolitoboy , Onion , Toyer, Baby Qee and Boyer toy lines.
toy2r logo
So.. on with the show.
Two new ones I have found that I likey lots.
NL Flag and Graffiti legend Andre!


Utrecht photos

It’s quite funny what people take photies of when they come to Utrecht, I suppose it depends on which ‘skool’ you belong to, but it usually evens out to, the Dom tower, the train station/double decker trains, canals, random statues, graffiti…. there was even a shot some delicious looking pancakes… (admittably it was taken in Amsterdam though), so many thanks to Dave ‘aka Ronnie’ Letorey for allowing me to publish a few photies from a recent trip to the Netherlands.
clicky biggy
Leidseveer tunnel — Utrecht
clicky biggy
clicky biggy
Utrecht Centraal


Stuck on savory rice?

To kick off the new recipe section here at, I thought I’d introduce you all to a new favorite of mine, CONGEE (pronounced “kon-ji”) or Chinese rice soup. This was you can feed four people on one and a half cups of rice!
This is a pork recipe, but you can substitute the pork for any meat/left over roasts.
There is quite a bit of preparation involved, but I cheated last night and made it in about 3 hours.
feeds 4 people
1 1/2 cups of long grain rice (basmati)
2 litres of good chicken stock
4 large eggs (duck eggs are specially nice)
2 dessert spoons of chinese gunpowder tea
2 tablespoons of soy sauce
2 star anise
1 pork fillet
*optional Ingredients:
*1/2 stick of lemon grass
*1 small finger of ginger
*2 green cardamon pods
*3 kaffir lime leaves
*1 clove of garlic
Ingredients to serve:
2 large spring onions
Soy Sauce