Monthly Archives: March 2005

Banksy does NYC Museums

Over the last couple of days, a British pensioner has visited four of New York’s Most Famous Museums…
The Museum of Modern Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Brooklyn Museum of Art
The Museum of Natural History
In each museum the pensioner surreptitiously installed a piece of artwork.
The British Pensioner….
Banksy in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art...
The exclusive photos…

March 05 mix

Uploaded a new mix to the server this week. Super techno thing, without any Jeff Mills or Ben Sims for a change, lol!
Heres the stream/play link

or the download link

format: MP3
length: 1h 12m 39sec
size 69.75MB

Kubrick Jest Alife

New to the ever growing collection is this super camo Ltd. edition Kubrick toy designed by Jest.
Jest is a member of the design team and contributors behind ‘alife’ (Graff shop on Orchard Street, NYC). The kubrick is based on the Jest plush doll made from his own surplus camo clothes and original militaria buttons. It has almost become alifes mascot figure… very desirable and very collectible.
kubrick jest alife
image source freshnessmag
kubrick jest alife
image source magic-pony
Thanks to the lovely girls at MAGIC-PONY, who also slipped in this cheeky stowaway into the box!
makibishi kubrick cat
Kubrick Makibishi cat
Makibishi. Description: A ninjutsu tool, used in casting “Doton”.