A Tribute to Tresor

The legendary Tresor Club opened its doors in Berlin’s Leipziger Strasse in March 1991, and troughout the years has gone on to make a reputation for itself as one of the world’s leading techno clubs. Rumours of the closure of Berlin’s famous Tresor Club have been circulating in the techno clubbing community on and off for the past few years.
Tresor has been closed down many times since 1991. The last closure was on 31 August 2003 when the Berliner Police Department did a large Razzia at Tresor. Over 400 customers were controlled and 16 party people were taken to the Police headquarters for drugs possession, as well as one more who was already wanted. The club was immediately closed and remained closed until the Monday 8 September But once again…Tresor continued strong after this short period of closure.
We all knew the end was coming on day or another and a few weeks ago the official news that Tresor held their last parties during April was announced. There is no word yet on a new location for Tresor, but we can’t let this moment pass without doing something back for the club, the sound, the label and all the people who understand to true Tresor feeling.
So, this weekend livesets.com will do a tribute to Tresor, starting Friday at 12:00 CET (GMT+1) and we will continue all weekend till Tresor closed its doors on Sunday. This broadcast will last for over 40 hours.

Tune in this weekend with Winamp or Windows Media Player
mrmule will be producing a Tresor mix in memory of a great era.. stay tuned to music.mrmule.com

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