Definition: This is the short form of the phrase ‘mobile blog’ or ‘mobile blogging.’ Mobile blogging is the practice of blogging using mobile devices such as PDAs (personal digital assistants), cell phones, camera phones, telephones, and email. Blogs that are updated using these devices are called ‘moblogs.’
filled with groove?
OK, so i finally got round to bringing my moblog scripts ‘in house’ and running them myself. Mfop2, flickr etc are all probably good, but I want to know where my images are and whts being done to them… at least I still ‘own them’.
At present moveabletype is a real pain in the ass for getting emails and photos to a new post… so I gave up and went with easymoblog for ease of use. I had to hack the code a little to get things displayed as I wanted, and I expect to see more changes on the main page to kind of blend it in a little more with the main blog.
Anywho.. heres the *new* moblog and of course it’s got RSS included for all you Firefox heads out there.
stay tuned!
da mule

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