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Homebrew baby wipes

not done a crazystuff post for a while so here goes….
Homemade Baby Wipes
I like this idea of making your own stuff at home, ok you still gotta buy the supersoft towls.. but the rest is (simple?!) considering the band saw!
“There are many places on the web where you can get recipes for homemade baby wipes. This, however, may be the only one which suggests making them with large shop tools. I think it adds an interesting element of excitement and danger to an otherwise mundane task.”
Homemade Baby Wipes Link via boingboing

Downing Street “Memo” – online

The Downing Street “Memo” is actually a document containing meeting minutes transcribed during the British Prime Minister’s meeting on July 23, 2002—a full eight months PRIOR to the invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003. The Times of London printed the text of this document on Sunday, May 1, 2005, but to date US media coverage has been limited.
Ok, so the UK press actually printed this, and Blair was still voted in??!!?… WTF is going on over there!?

Toy2R DIY Qee Expo – Amsterdam (day2)

So I managed to get my ass back to Amsterdam last night and take my camera with me this time!!!!
It was very empty, there were a handful of people that turned up.. I was most pleased I went on the first day!
anywho… the pics are in the gallery>>>>>>

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Like I said I managed to get some of the artists to sign Qees. I also got Raymonds signature on on of the collecter cards. ..woOt!
signed by WOOD

clicky biggy
signed by EWOS

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Toy2R expo Amsterdam

I forgot my flash card… so i have to go back tonight!
i got a few pics on my phone for the moblog but nothing amazing.
However….some great pics from the STICKIT crew & 88 posse, who were most kind and me hang out with them all evening! I got my set of 4 W%D Qees signed and my 2 Ewos Qees signed. Also I got Raymond from Toy2R to sign a postcard for me. (photos will come soon i promise!)
Anywho here’s some pics that from the night curtosy of stickit
toy2R expo Amsterdam
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