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Bob Moog battling brain cancer

July 16th, 2005 1 comment

The man known to many as the granddaddy of electronic music — Bob Moog — was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. Fans around the world are wishing him the best.


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Happy Birthday Bomb

July 16th, 2005 No comments

On July 16, 1945, the U.S detonates the first nuclear bomb, marking the successful culmination of the Manhattan project (the Trinity test, at Alamogordo)

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Paella / Truckfest

July 10th, 2005 No comments

Only the Spaniards could mix the wonderful smell and taste of Paella with, yup.. you guessed it, Diesel.
Check out this Truck & Monster paella short >>>>
came for the trucks, stays for the Paella
LINK with piccy goodness

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Best Voicemail Ever

July 8th, 2005 No comments

Best Voicemail Ever
too funny!

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back from Hols

July 7th, 2005 No comments

OKi, I’m back… naaasty weather here though!…
OK i actually arrived last week, but we’ve been sorting out the house, getting painters and electricians sorted out.
Anywho, the review of the hotel we staying in near Alicante was published, heres the link >>> it’s pretty damning, but honest.
I also got some business cards made up, super red ones, with a nice blocky font. I called myself a ‘Web Consultant – Designer’ ’cause lots of people seem quite interested in that side of my work.
DJing again at the Hard Rock cafe tonight, last week went REALLY well, and I got invites to play at a few private parties and mbee return to the HR itself… woOt!
signing out for now.

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