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OK, so some of you trainspotters may have noticed the new W3C HTML 4.01 tick logo here on the homepage.
I basically spendt the last 2 days getting the site up to scratch, trying to reduce the 404 erros, hits to moved/old gallery photos which either no longer exsist or have been moved, and hopefully make a ‘useable’ experience. (plus it looks better on my CV)
So whats happened?…. not much really.. tidying a few tags up, replacing spans with divs, making sure my images have alt text and that hyperlinks also have friendly alt text. I took about 20 or so reloads and edits to get the errors down from about 100 to 0…. well worth the time and I got loads of new knowledge for producing future sites, or updating this page. I have even been dabbling into the MySQL databases, moving, coping fields, adding new tables.. woOt!
All in all; not much of a change so far as look and feel, but hopefully you’ll at least find the experience less challenging on the browser, which ever one you use.
W3C Validate this page
da mule

What is Gado Gado?

Went for dinner at a freinds in Rotterdam last night and had some super nice Indonesian food.
Gado Gado, a warm salad of cooked potato, carrots, beans, cauliflower, broccoli. Sprinkled with bean sprouts and prawn crackers. Poured over the top is a peanut sauce. Very nice…I added some sambal for some extra heat!
For main we had chicken curry in a coconut sauce and spicey beef curry served with steamed rice.. DROOOLS


OK i formatted my PC cause it was getting waaaay too cluttered… i backed my inbox with a .pst file and…. OH NO! they didn’t import.
So mrmule has lost all his eMail …GRRRRRRRRR
so if i sent you some email recently.. please send me a copy back please.. it really would help.
da mule!


MRMULE.COM has now entered the 21st century.
Thats right, podcasting has arrived, get your RSS readers pointed at the all new and updated XML feed.. to be found at:

All I need to do now is find a microphone and I can bring back the Thursday evening show… woOt!

DJ Food – The history of cut up

This is a fantastic collection of cuts/sounds/bleeps and beats from the last century of sound recording.
Featuring pop/hip hop/roots/funk/electronica/rock/documentary/adverts
It makes you smile and if you’re a DJ it’ll probably make you cry.
Internet only release
Raiding The 20th Century (Words & Music Expansion) feat. Strictly Kev, Paul Morley & a cast of thousands by DJ food
available for download here at

SPAM – [email protected]

If you have found this website via this email:
Subject: Are you listed in major search engines?
From: “Sheryl” <[email protected]>
This is because someone in Taiwan is using my .com address for their From: and Replyto:
the email references a domain “” which I am not going to link to for obvious reasons.
This from the server peeps:
“These mails did not originate from our system. They were sent from
Thanks for choosing HostGator! ”
So I guess I’m the one who’s looking redfaced while some nasty spammer chuckles behind his freshly screen wiped monitor.
If anyone knows anything on how to stop this stuff – muchly ‘preciated!
my apologies for your inconvenience.

Pete’s Pond – LIVE African savannah

National Geographic have set up a 24-hour live Internet video feed from Pete’s Pond in deepest southern Africa. A high-resolution camera captures any movement it sees and records 20 to 25 images every second. The images are bounced off a satellite 22,500 miles above the equator. This signal is then picked up somewhere else, where it is streamed on to the Internet. The images are not brilliant but frame rate is just sufficient to make the animals visible. I’ve seen elephants, ostriches, antelope and wild pigs. I also think that I’ve heard a lion. The best time to tune in is in the morning, UK time. You can take a walk on the wild side at:
cheers dad!