OK i formatted my PC cause it was getting waaaay too cluttered… i backed my inbox with a .pst file and…. OH NO! they didn’t import.
So mrmule has lost all his eMail …GRRRRRRRRR
so if i sent you some email recently.. please send me a copy back please.. it really would help.
da mule!

6 thoughts on “eMail

  1. Casey says:

    How have you been? Hope all is well. Hey I was thinking about purchasing some audio rendering/editing software and I was wondering if you had any suggestions?
    Merry Christmas,
    Casey Winkels

  2. graham waller says:

    hey sam and sam i got e-mail now just wanted to wish u all a merry xmas and a happy new year all my love from graham xx please reply asap my tel no is 01274 588015 if u can catch me in! im driving a wagon now keep losing my mobi so no point giving you a numba,hada look in your gallery-impresive x

  3. graham waller says:

    beware my other half may pick up the phone growwwl

  4. graham waller says:

    oh yeah imon kiddie no.3 too……. ha ha……soon have grandad’s reputation! x

  5. ZOWIE says:

    Naa then,Eh up ekki thump,Long time no see. Hope you recieve this message, I am now technologicaly advanced.Nanoo nanoo.shuzbut.sounds like all’s well in SS-mule world.Nice site.Tings are well in lil sheff, if its possible to let me know if you recieve this that would b ace,as i’m a begginer at all this malarkie.Happy New Year,Love and peace.Zowie.xx

  6. mrmule says:

    Hi Zowie, I tried to email you but your mailbox seems to be full and the mail bounced.
    Do you need an invite to gmail?

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