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OK, so some of you trainspotters may have noticed the new W3C HTML 4.01 tick logo here on the homepage.
I basically spendt the last 2 days getting the site up to scratch, trying to reduce the 404 erros, hits to moved/old gallery photos which either no longer exsist or have been moved, and hopefully make a ‘useable’ experience. (plus it looks better on my CV)
So whats happened?…. not much really.. tidying a few tags up, replacing spans with divs, making sure my images have alt text and that hyperlinks also have friendly alt text. I took about 20 or so reloads and edits to get the errors down from about 100 to 0…. well worth the time and I got loads of new knowledge for producing future sites, or updating this page. I have even been dabbling into the MySQL databases, moving, coping fields, adding new tables.. woOt!
All in all; not much of a change so far as look and feel, but hopefully you’ll at least find the experience less challenging on the browser, which ever one you use.
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da mule

3 thoughts on “ is valid

  1. Tikky says:

    You still eating for the last half year fabada?
    (iam back online)

  2. Tikky says:

    wwOOOtt… I can post again!! Hobba hobba hop! 🙂

  3. mrmule says:

    ha ha.. thanks for the reminder!
    nice new lay.. gave you a shout!
    nice to see you back!

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