Jerry Anderson was a Genius?

thunderbird 2 could ferry helpers 200 at a time
There’s a nice little rant from buddy Dave aka Ronnie in Ronnieland.
OK we do have the International Rescue Committee but they don’t have those nice spaceships like Thunderbird 2, (guys in labs coats and glasses can only count for so much)
I guess it’s not all a bad idea in whole, but my thoughts are usually cynical and the idea that there would be a bunch of ‘elite’ stormtrooper guys n gals, throwing their ‘we’re international rescue’ weight around and trying to get everything done in the 25 minute time slot before scooby doo starts.
Who will control these elite rescue professionals? will they be free from government sanctions and embagos, so if N.Korea or Cuba had an earthquake or mad weather they would be allowed access and not be treated as spies. How will all that fishing wire stop from getting tangled up?.. I mean how many people do you need to pull the strings on half a dozen puppets once a week?… now image that times a couple of hundred?! 7 days a week 365 days a year…. hmmmmmm you seee?!!!!!!

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