It’s been a pretty quiet week really, just the normal 9 to 5. Along with the bike park increasing it’s prices by 30cents each month, the train has also increased its prices by about €20 per month. (I told you it was a quiet week). My home server has been playing up and delivering me a bluescreen of death each time I boot it, so I installed XPSP2 to see if that will help at all… so far… so good!
Spent all day Saturday spring cleaning the house after xmas/NYE stuff and Saturday night was poker night in the mule household, the regular crew was present and Roxanne took away the gargantuas €6 prize pot for the evening… HUZZAH!
Its Monday and back to work. I have some holiday to book near Easter as our great friends Jill/Wally/Rose & Milly will be joining us for a few days in April.. woOt!.. should have the bus back by then I reckon.
I’m still waiting for my nice ipod cover to arrive from the US.. its from Marware and its the Sportsuit™ Basic for iPod video. A bargain at only $19.99 plus postage. It has (unlike the official ipod protector) a hole in the base to allow connection of the connector, a plastic screen cover and holes for the headfone jack and lock switch… groooovy!.. next is a new pair of headfones i think!
Thats all for now… if I find anything funky… I’ll let ‘chu know!
da mule

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