Monthly Archives: February 2006

How to make sushi 101

Equipment needed:
Pan to cook/steam rice (with tight fitting lid)
sushi rolling mat
sharp knife
basic ingredients:
sushi rice
vinegar powder
nori (seaweed)
wasabi paste
tinned tuna fish in water
smoked salmon
1x cucumber
1x ripe avocado
pickled pink ginger
sushi soy sauce
optional extra ingredients:
pickled radish
fresh fish (tuna steak)
sesame seeds (roasted)
service items:
bowl for dipping
OK so thats the basic list.. you can get more into things when you have mastered the basics (or the tuna fish and cucumber roll as I
call it). Last week was the first time I had ventured into the RAW fish side of home sushi making, having usually stuck to the safe
ingredients that are pre-cooked. I have to say that it made a huge difference, the texture and taste of raw tuna on rice was quite
amazing… but we’ll leave that for sushi 103.
Onto your choice of rice…