Monthly Archives: April 2006

Pimp my VW

So… stage one of the pimping begins at last!
The bus is out of the sprayshop, it has had 4 litres of paint applied. We have taken it back to the original colour, with a white split, classic clook huh?!
Next job will be some welding on the underside and fitting the new rubbers and windows, then all the new engine stuff, shocks and some new wires. Some of the upholstery will be changed, then it goes for another MOT.
10-15 days, watch this space!
Pics now in the gallery.

The pimping is being overseen by the maestro Denis from European Collectables in Utrecht
Here is the front cover from the 1973 brochure… recognise anything?

Best ISP in the Netherlands please?!

OK, so have been using (in order of company buyouts) Zonnet, then Versatel. Now the company has been taken over again, this time by TELE2.
So currently I have a 2mb down / 500kb up ADSL connection with a static IP address, my phone is also going through TELE2?! (was Versatel)??!! who knows whats happening there, but I pay 29.95 per month, plus a few bucks on phone calls.
So the contract is up for renewal, I can upgrade to 4mb down with 1mb up, with phone for the same price (better the devil you know?) or……
Do you have any suggestions for a new ISP?
da mule