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Nike & Apple join up… make Nipple?

nike/apple... nipple?
Sporting goods firm Nike and computer company Apple, two of the world’s best-known brands, have decided to join forces and make equipment for runners.
The firms will release a system that links Nike running shoes to Apple’s iPod nano digital music players.
As well as listening to music, users would be able to see how far and how fast they have run, and the amount of calories they have burnt.
Nike also launched a range of clothing designed specifically for iPods.
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D’Face teddy trooper – ltd edition?!

Last year I purchased the very limited edition ‘D’Face’ teddy troop figure from Flying Fortress

This figure had a run of 48 units!
Everything was good, I was happy that I got my limited edition toy!
Tuesday 22 May, I get my monthly newsletter from Toydigger with a link to a new product line of Flying Fortress Teddy troops from AdFunture.. and guess what I see?!!!
“Product info:
Teddy Troops is a character by German based Flying Fortress. This is the D*Face monotone version. Teddy Troop stands 3.5 inches tall.
€ 20,00”

Now i know I got the last one from Flying Fortress, They held on to it for me, so how does Toydigger end up selling them (and not even in ltd. quantities)
I am in contact with Flying Fortress who own the design and were not told by Adfunture about this new run!
I will keep you updated when I get more information.. but for now.. please spread the word to any owners of this original set.
da mule

Welcome new readers

Just a short welcome to any new readers out there. This website was boingboing’d this week, hopefully you popped back to see if there was anything interesting worth reading..
Well if you hadn’t noticed the GALLERY, go check it out.. lots of lurvely pics from holidays in Egypt, Norway, Morocco & Spain, lots of pics from Holland too.
I also had my kidney whipped out last year, I had a laproscopic nephrectomy, here’s my posts about the surgery and getting better.
I have a super 1973 VW camper that is being pimped at the garage at the moment
and of course I DJ, so i have many MP3 mixes for you to download and listen to for freeeee.
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1979 Pontins Flexi Disk MP3

After digging through our old collection of vinyl, I happened upon this tremendously cheesey song, “Thumbs up, book early” performed by Franki Woods (well my copy says Franki Woods, but apparently his name is Frankie Woods) who was children’s entertainer at Prestatyn for 30 years. He wrote many works in that happy chappy George Formby style.
The flexi disk originally came with a colour brochure…

Pontins was/is an institution in British holiday making, seaside resorts resembling brightly painted detention centers with free ice cream and the best in talent, nobbly knees and limbo contests!.. wheeeeee, what fun!
If you are interested here’s a “A Brief History of Pontins
Anywho….(right click, Save target/link as…)
Click here to watch ‘1979-PONTINS-Flexi-Disk—SIDE1’
1979 Pontins Flexi Disk SIDE 1 MP3
1979 Pontins Flexi Disk SIDE 2 MP3