Community WiFi

is a Global Community of people who share WiFi.
If you have a broadband internet connection you can share it out into a ‘FON Hotspot’. You get a FON social network router for €5.00 (VAT & Shipping not included). If you share your connection you become a Linus, Linuses share their WiFi connection in exchange for free access to all other WiFi Hotspots within the FON Community. On the other hand, Bills share their WiFi connections in exchange for getting the 50% of the net revenues from those who purchase daily access FON passes to the FON Community through the Bill’s FON Hotspot.
Aliens using laptop computers or similar devices are permitted to access any FON Hotspot by purchasing daily FON passes. The standard rate for these FON passes is currently €3 for a 24 hour connection period. FON passes are similar to pre-paid cards. Aliens pre-purchase these FON passes and then use them to connect to the Internet freely.

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