Monthly Archives: August 2007

Create custom POI for TomTom

I recently got a new TomTom One Europe and wanted to add a custom icon to my POI categories, so here you go…
1. go to and create a POI (don’t add your home address or you will have an icon sat there) and don’t worry where it is, you can delete it later in the device.
2. save the file as ‘something.ov2’ I used ‘Holland.ov2’, you can call it ‘monkeys.ov2’ if you like. (save it in a folder or somewhere where you won’t loose it.)
3. now create an icon for your POI, it should be 22×22 pixels, 71 dpi, 24bit (i used fireworks, although the Gimp is a good free alternative), save it into the same folder as your ‘ov2 file
3. now the codey bit…