The bus – update

I dropped the bus off at the garage for its MOT and a nice long list of things I need doing including welding floor panels, brake calipers, engine refurb, electrics refurb, replace seatbelts, build the rocknroll bed that is still sitting in it’s box and give it a general top bill of health ready for the interior, when he found out how much I had paid for it he agreed it was a sound investment, but it’s still likely to be a sizeable bill.

Volkswagen Kever Centrum — Midden Nederland — Alles voor uw Volkswagen Kever — Occasions Onderdelen Onderhoud

These guys are pros with over 50 years of experience with aircooled VWs between them, I asked them to replace the rubbers on two if the windows, one didn’t need it and they patched up a hole in the other windows frame and then replaced the rubber… You wouldn’t have known they worked on it except it didn’t leak anymore, their advice about the brake calipers was true, it swings to the left when I brake..they sais don’t brake hard, and luckily I haven’t used it much over the winter.

Up after this is the floor, cupboards, drawers, fridge and upholstery.

When she’s complete we hope to travel to a few VW fairs and raise some $$ for the WKZ and Nierstichting.

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