No more spam beer

So I’ve upgraded the new MovableType to 3.0D
Thought I’d try out the FREE version and see what it does/doesn’t do compared to the PAID for version.
Anywho, hopefully this will stop all the nasty spam comments that keep appearing >>>> you know who you are you naughty boy!
There is also a new feature that means your comment will be delayed until I have approved it, once you are approved you should have no future problems.
If you post regularly on BLOGs, then you can get yourself a TYPEKEY login. TypeKey is a free, open system providing a central identity that anyone can use to log in and post comments on blogs and other web sites.


So the site has been partially down… I should write a stiff letter, but I’m still waiting for a few features (like my control panel) to be returned to normal working order.
Anywho.. the down time wasn’t all bad, with a spare few days I managed to run off a couple of mixes.. one of which I’ll upload as soon as I get my FTP access back, so stay tuned.

MT News

wooooooo MT3.0 is coming soon.. go check out the page (if blogging your gaff) to read the news, however also as interesting is the new application TypeKey, ensuring that “people who comment on a site have a verified identity, keeping conversations on track and helping to prevent abusive or offensive content (comment spam) from being posted.”
Is this just another username and password to remember?… I know I’d certainly welcome a spam free site.. having to login and edit or delete unwanted advertising is becoming tedious.
the power behind the blog


Well as you probably have noticed my site seems to have been having a vacation of it’s own in recent days, but I have been assured that ‘all seems to be well now’, so Huzzah!.. and menee apple ogies for de innn con wee neyans!