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Check out this wicked gallery of DJ photos from
Matt is an up and coming freelance professional photographer, he’s really getting a name for himself around the world taking pics in clubs and events, I worked with him one night last month at the TranceEnergy event here in Utrecht, it was great fun hanging round back stage, people give you a different look when they see you behind the security guard, kind of… are you famous and do I know you… great laugh!
I stole this from his site for your pleasure (with kind permission of course)…A great pic of one of my favorite DJs, Carl Cox!
Go check him out – LINK

Gallery Update

Just so you know… and incase you got a nasty page error when trying to find an image in the gallery… I have completely re-vamped the gallery page. It now has many more option and I think is much more useable for both you and me, I hope you agree… anywho, the link is still the same
and sorry for any inconvenience
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Atlantic Sunset

I took a series of photies when we were in Bordeaux of the sun setting over the Atlantic, with some mad cloud effect.
more in the GALLERY

I pick up the photies from the splashproof camera tommorow (Tuesday).. so plz stay tuned for some tomato goodness!

Utrecht photos

It’s quite funny what people take photies of when they come to Utrecht, I suppose it depends on which ‘skool’ you belong to, but it usually evens out to, the Dom tower, the train station/double decker trains, canals, random statues, graffiti…. there was even a shot some delicious looking pancakes… (admittably it was taken in Amsterdam though), so many thanks to Dave ‘aka Ronnie’ Letorey for allowing me to publish a few photies from a recent trip to the Netherlands.
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Leidseveer tunnel — Utrecht
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Utrecht Centraal


In pictures: Face of addiction

Police in London are trying a new shock tactic in the war on drugs. Images showing the decline of addicts will be shown on posters, bar mats and flyers. This first image shows Roseanne Holland at the age of 29 before her heroin habit took hold.

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wait till you see the other 5!!!!… Great advert, shame about the wasted life, although maybe her tragedy can help others not to dabble in H.