Sushi 102

Sushi 102
OK well after posting sushi 101 a few weeks ago, I think you have enough practice with making simple makis.
Today we’ll look at making ‘HandRolls’/’Tamaki’.
Handrolls are very easy to contruct, you have all your ingredients (as before), nothing really changes theres unless you want to add different fillings.
So, grab a sheet of Nori and cut it in half, so now you have 2 smallish rectangular sheets.
Loosly spread some rice in a ‘V’ shape on the left side of your Nori, add a little wasabi, your fish/cucumber/whatever.
handroll temaki
now starting at the left, roll over the filling and create a cone, you can add a little wipe of rice to make the it stick…

How to make sushi 101

Equipment needed:
Pan to cook/steam rice (with tight fitting lid)
sushi rolling mat
sharp knife
basic ingredients:
sushi rice
vinegar powder
nori (seaweed)
wasabi paste
tinned tuna fish in water
smoked salmon
1x cucumber
1x ripe avocado
pickled pink ginger
sushi soy sauce
optional extra ingredients:
pickled radish
fresh fish (tuna steak)
sesame seeds (roasted)
service items:
bowl for dipping
OK so thats the basic list.. you can get more into things when you have mastered the basics (or the tuna fish and cucumber roll as I
call it). Last week was the first time I had ventured into the RAW fish side of home sushi making, having usually stuck to the safe
ingredients that are pre-cooked. I have to say that it made a huge difference, the texture and taste of raw tuna on rice was quite
amazing… but we’ll leave that for sushi 103.
Onto your choice of rice…


What is Gado Gado?

Went for dinner at a freinds in Rotterdam last night and had some super nice Indonesian food.
Gado Gado, a warm salad of cooked potato, carrots, beans, cauliflower, broccoli. Sprinkled with bean sprouts and prawn crackers. Poured over the top is a peanut sauce. Very nice…I added some sambal for some extra heat!
For main we had chicken curry in a coconut sauce and spicey beef curry served with steamed rice.. DROOOLS

Stuck on savory rice?

To kick off the new recipe section here at, I thought I’d introduce you all to a new favorite of mine, CONGEE (pronounced “kon-ji”) or Chinese rice soup. This was you can feed four people on one and a half cups of rice!
This is a pork recipe, but you can substitute the pork for any meat/left over roasts.
There is quite a bit of preparation involved, but I cheated last night and made it in about 3 hours.
feeds 4 people
1 1/2 cups of long grain rice (basmati)
2 litres of good chicken stock
4 large eggs (duck eggs are specially nice)
2 dessert spoons of chinese gunpowder tea
2 tablespoons of soy sauce
2 star anise
1 pork fillet
*optional Ingredients:
*1/2 stick of lemon grass
*1 small finger of ginger
*2 green cardamon pods
*3 kaffir lime leaves
*1 clove of garlic
Ingredients to serve:
2 large spring onions
Soy Sauce