D’Face teddy trooper – ltd edition?!

Last year I purchased the very limited edition ‘D’Face’ teddy troop figure from Flying Fortress

This figure had a run of 48 units!
Everything was good, I was happy that I got my limited edition toy!
Tuesday 22 May, I get my monthly newsletter from Toydigger with a link to a new product line of Flying Fortress Teddy troops from AdFunture.. and guess what I see?!!!
“Product info:
Teddy Troops is a character by German based Flying Fortress. This is the D*Face monotone version. Teddy Troop stands 3.5 inches tall.
€ 20,00”

Now i know I got the last one from Flying Fortress, They held on to it for me, so how does Toydigger end up selling them (and not even in ltd. quantities)
I am in contact with Flying Fortress who own the design and were not told by Adfunture about this new run!
I will keep you updated when I get more information.. but for now.. please spread the word to any owners of this original set.
da mule

Toy2R DIY Qee Expo – Amsterdam (day2)

So I managed to get my ass back to Amsterdam last night and take my camera with me this time!!!!
It was very empty, there were a handful of people that turned up.. I was most pleased I went on the first day!
anywho… the pics are in the gallery>>>>>>

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Like I said I managed to get some of the artists to sign Qees. I also got Raymonds signature on on of the collecter cards. ..woOt!
signed by WOOD

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signed by EWOS

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Toy2R expo Amsterdam

I forgot my flash card… so i have to go back tonight!
i got a few pics on my phone for the moblog but nothing amazing.
However….some great pics from the STICKIT crew & 88 posse, who were most kind and me hang out with them all evening! I got my set of 4 W%D Qees signed and my 2 Ewos Qees signed. Also I got Raymond from Toy2R to sign a postcard for me. (photos will come soon i promise!)
Anywho here’s some pics that from the night curtosy of stickit
toy2R expo Amsterdam
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