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uploading to google storage

So after a few weeks of trial and error I can happily report back on a couple of useful apps for uploading/downloading to and from your google storage account/s.

Basically if you have a gmail address you have 7GB of  email storage, which you can fill with files/email attachments of upto 25MB in size. For something larger you may consider upgrading your gmail account with google storage , This allows you to store files of up to 1GB and you utilize your storage over all your google accounts such as Gmail, GoogleDocs and Picassa.

1. store files with a Windows Shell Extension for gmail (not an entirely useful way of storing your files, but it does the job and you get an email with the download link)

2. Upload/download files to and from your google DOCs account (yes this is the fabled GDrive) with Gladinet Starter edition (free if you don’t need sync capabilities)

Now go and back something up!

Holland Museum Card

The ‘Museumkaart’ is a great deal if you like to visit the museums of Holland. It gives you FREE access to nearly all the Museums across the country for a paltry price of just €44.00 per adult and €24 per children aged 3 to 12 per year (children under 3 are free in most museums). After visiting the train museum twice and the Nijntje Museum (aka ‘Miffy’ aka Dick Bruna House) more than half a dozen times, I think the card will be fast paying for itself and saving me money to boot!… Get one!

More info at the MuseumKaart website

You can buy ‘museumkaarts’ online or at all of the museums listed on their website, once purchased you can enter for free…wo0t!

VW Bus restoration – A photo history

VW T2b - original state

Uploaded to my picasa gallery is this public album of my bus. From the first photo taken when I was deciding to purchase her (with all the bits that needed work), holidays in France, Spain and Germany, the kids playing in her, the restoration and finally showing her off at the aircooled festival in January 2011.

VW T2b Restoration – a photo history

More festivals to visit this year, so keep watching!

how updating changed

so about 6 years ago (see archived post here) I was trying to get this thing called a ‘moblog’ working using some 3rd party round about technique with 2 mailboxes a bucket of PHP and a lot of soap.

After todays play with URL shortening I have now the set up as follows:

  • post to blog using ‘WordPress for Android’ (HTC Desire phone) or from any web app.
  • blog automatically generates a short URL for the new post (using the scripts on the subdomain)
  • the post title and short URL are tweeted to @djmrmule
  • a post excerpt is posted to facebook