y-cam baby monitor

Got us a IP-Cam at the weekend. It’s a Y-Cam Knight . We can now view the kids room over the internet, from a PC and from our phones.
It has sound /colour / night vision there’s a bucket of options for saving video to your local storage device or NAS and motion sensor email alerts etc etc.

We’ve not had a baby monitor since the old video one died a sorry death a few months ago. Basically we’ve been waiting for affordable technology and this ip-cam seems to be doing the trick. You need some knowledge of your router settings, port forwarding etc. But the tech support guys are extreemly nice and heelpful.

The kids get a new bedroom next week, we’re moving them to the attic, so they are even further out of ear shot, hence the need to install such a device, just now we can see it when (if) we go out aswell.

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