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[PSA] are baad mmkay!

So, yes, **BREAKING NEWS** customer gets awful service from G2A.

Dis gonna be good

Dis gonna be good

So far I have used the website to buy games twice, the first time I thought it was OK, I got a game with about 10% off rrp. Great, that was cool, roll on a few months and I think I’m up for another one.

I log into the site, choose my game, seller and add on that oh so special G2A purchase cover. Seller send me a code within 10 minutes and .. OH! the code is not valid, it’s already been used., oh crap, now I gotta go though all that claims stuff which took 28 hours, in which the seller kindly refunded my purchase, great.. seems OK so far. Now, here comes the rub…. I go to spend my refund on the same game, different seller. Those sneaky guys at G2A then announce at the checkout that I don’t have enough funds to complete the transaction… err, hang on, I just got a refund, let me check my wallet…. oh, I have $0.22 in my Available Balance and $10.06 in my Account Balance, but I can’t spend my account balance, and after speaking with support, I can’t spend my Account Balance (refund) for 14 days. 

It’s been 16 days since my refund, and I still have $10.06 sat in my unusable Account Balance. Tomorrow I’m busy, but Sunday I go to paypal for a dispute…. G2A sure knows how to piss off their customers.

Needless to say, I’ll clear my balance (whenever I get to use it) on a game that hopefully activates (spin the wheel of fortune now) and leave them. Please don’t trust these guys. I should have read more about them before I got entangled with this crap.

Note to self: Sale of goods act, distance selling regulations and section 75 credit consumer act.

More often than not things which seem too good to be true usually are.