2018 the year of SSL

2018 is the year of SSL and website security. If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate then Google will flag it as potentially harmful and insecure. This could be disastrous for your web traffic, your reach and your brand.

What is SSL?
We use SSL to keep information encrypted over the internet so that only you and intended recipient can understand it. This is important because your information gets passed between computers, things like your Credit Card information, telephone numbers or personal messages. Privacy is key! When we use an SSL certificate, the information becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server you are sending the information to. This protects the information from evil hackers and identity thieves.

SSL provides trust. That little green lock icon in the address bar above. That means a website has an SSL certificate and the information you pass to it will be secure. Eventually, Chrome will show a Not Secure warning for all pages served over HTTP, regardless of whether or not the page contains sensitive input fields. You should plan to migrate your site to use HTTPS for all pages before October this year.

Where can I get an SSL certificate for my website?
There are hundreds of sources for certificates, some free, some paid. It depends on your needs and of course your budget. If you want a free SSL head over to Let’s Encrypt dot org. SSL certificates here are valid for 3 months and you can renew them for free too. It’s just a bit of a pain for website owners to do this regularly, so you may prefer a paid option which can issue certificates for 1 to 3 years. Do you want to register just your main website? Or your main website and your sub domains?.. Then you may need a WILDCARD certificate which will secure all your sites under your domain.


My site isn’t HTTPS – what do I do?
I recently added SSL to this site. I only needed one for my blog and was pleased to find out that my domain registrar and host NameCheap has super awesome deals on SSLs and make is really easy to implement on your website.

Here is my affiliated link to their $9 SSL Certificate. Please check them out they are a super host and their support is second to none.
SSL certificate for just $9.00/year. Security for blog & personal sites

How to watch the Olympic games online for (almost) free

So this weekend I’ve been trying to find a way to watch the 2018 Winter Olympic Games online for free.
Unless you live in the UK where the BBC’s iPlayer service should be available to you, how for the rest of us is it possible?

So here we go, How to watch the Olympic games online for (almost) free.
Good old Canada (via CBC channel) allows their citizens to watch the Winter Olympics Online.. so all you need to do is pretend you’re from Canada.
How is this possible without wearing a Mountie costume or looking like a grizzly bear you ask?

The magic of VPN!

VPN has many benefits, one of them is that it will allow you pretend your internet connection is actually in a different country, there-by fooling their location access restrictions.

I use a VPN service from the company VPNTunnel. Its a very cheap, safe and useful service to use, not just for location restrictions, but for online anonymity for torrents, security and privacy.

So, purchase a VPN connection
Connect to Canada
go to

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you must watch this movie!

out now a public film called ‘Zeigeist the movie’ which reveals some of the myths about religion and it’s pagan astrological history though the ages.
its a 2 hour watch which also includes some debunking of 9.11 and some stuff about the modern banking (both of which I havn’t got ruond to seeing yet.. but the religion stuff is great!)

link to homepage
link to torrent