Welcome to my travel page.  Here I will (might) add useful information, tips and notes about my current and past travel destinations. Apart from this being a mini-diary of sorts, I hope you can find something of use here in my ramblings. Happy travels!

Countries I’ve visited so far: 22/195 (not counting airport stopovers.. you must stay at least one night in a country!)

United Kingdom GB 🇬🇧  Ireland IE 🇮🇪 Sweden SE 🇸🇪
Norway NO 🇳🇴 Denmark DK 🇩🇰 Germany DE 🇩🇪
Netherlands NL 🇳🇱 Belgium BE 🇧🇪 France FR 🇫🇷
Italy IT 🇮🇹 Spain ES 🇪🇸 Slovakia SK 🇸🇰
Ukraine UA 🇺🇦 Switzerland CH 🇨🇭 Egypt EG 🇪🇬
Austria AT 🇦🇹 Dominican Republic DO 🇩🇴 Indonesia ID 🇮🇩
Morocco MA 🇲🇦 Luxembourg LU 🇱🇺 Greece GR 🇬🇷
Hungary HU 🇭🇺     

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